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NipEAZE Nipple Protector and Concealment

The Most Versatile Nip Cover on the planet!

As a runner, athlete, or active lifer, you are reading this because you’ve probably searched for products to help prevent the same nip problems that many other active men and women deal with. You may have tried home remedies such as bandaids or duct tape, but want to find something that will work more reliably and discreetly.

After years of research and development, we are happy to bring you the absolute best – most versatile nip cover on the planet – NipEaze!

As the World’s First Sport Nip Cover/Concealer, our unique brand is growing strong.  That’s because NipEaze is an affordable, high-performance, American Made product, which can handle the toughest tests of endurance even as you sweat.  Our proprietary design is made with high-quality materials not found in stores, and not found in unreliable home remedies.

Since the first sale in February of 2012, we have received a lot of positive feedback from people all around the world, many of whom say they have wanted a product like this for years.  We are honored to be part of the growing world of fitness. Our users include athletes of all levels, from beginner to marathon runner to endurance competitor.

Most importantly, it gives us great pride to be part of American industry and American job growth.

Thanks for using our product.

NipEAZE Patented Proven Nipple Chafing and Concealment~Pat Ward, NipEAZE Founder

Meet The NipEAZE Ambassadors.

Keith Hanson
Keith HansonNipEAZE Ambassador
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Enjoy and get out there and RUN! – Keith

Edward Kasper
Edward KasperNipEAZE Ambassador
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Lets see what you bring. -Ed

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