NipEaze VS Regular Spot Bandages: Performance VS Utility

In the world of marathon running, triathlons and other endurance sports, it often comes as a surprise to the participating athlete when he or she first experiences one of the most painful sports injuries known to man – nipple abrasion. Ouch! This is why that for years endurance athletes have tried everything from bandaids to duct tape in order to help prevent such a gruesome phenomenon from occurring.

Of the tape and bandaid camp, the most common product recruited to help prevent nipple chafing is the spot bandage – a small circular or square bandage designed for small and minor cuts, scrapes and burns. The bandage is placed over each nipple and a small prayer is said in hopes that the adhesive will hold up for at least part of the competition or workout. A close second to this technique is the use of two small bandaid strips placed over each nipple in an X pattern.

While the use of bandages is a great waLatex free adhesive nipple covers.y to help heal an existing damaged nipple, the majority of endurance athletes have discovered that the adhesive properties of these products do not hold up to sweat and high-intensity motion, and therefore are not reliable for use as injury prevention. This stands to a very good reason – bandages are designed to do something totally different; heal wounds. So, many serious athletes have long searched for something better with regards to chafing prevention. In recent years, several products have emerged which have proven to raise the bar in the category of Skin Protection. NipEaze is one such product.

In a recent study, NipEaze was placed head-to-head with one of the leading brand Spot Bandages. As a result, NipEaze is rated as possessing ‘10 times more staying-power’ than its medicinal cousin. Why is that? The answer is simple – NipEaze is designed for athletes, and more specifically, designed to protect nipples. Would you enter your family’s mini-van in a Grand-Prix race? Would you wear your stylish Florsheim wing-tips to a triathlon competition? Why not? The answer is simple: high-performance activities require high-performance equipment. NipEaze is high-performance equipment.

Check out how NipEaze compared to a leading brand Spot Bandages in our recent study:

Shower Test Daily Wear Test Marathon Test Swim Test

In summary, NipEaze has 65% more adhesive coverage than a regular Spot Bandage. Furthermore, NipEaze out-performs regular Spot Bandages in each and every test. As with any specialty performance product, the price is significantly higher than its utility-grade cousin, but compared to other specialty nipple products, NipEaze wins as the best value.

Because NipEaze is designed specifically for nipples, there are many noteworthy differences between the two products.Don't use duct tape or bandaids

Remember, bandages are designed to help heal small and minor cuts, scrapes, and burns; and duct tape is designed to fix stuff. Alternately, NipEaze is a high-quality Athletics Accessory designed to protect the most sensitive parts of your torso! And it is designed to do it well!

Check out additional design-specific qualities of NipEaze:

  • Discreet / transparent – NipEaze is thin and transparent so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable, even for bare-chested surfers!
  • Size options – NipEaze comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Extra. Hey, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our nips!
  • Ease of application – Part of the story behind our name is how easy it is to apply our product. Try it, you’ll see!
  • Water-resistant / sweat resistant – This is the most important feature of our Anti-chafe Nipple Cover. It is the reason we are becoming very popular in the Triathlon community. When you apply NipEaze by following the ‘for best results’ instructions, it stays on, even during high-intensity workouts.
  • No sticky residue – Easily remove NipEaze in the shower and don’t worry about a sticky residue that regular bandages and tapes can leave behind.
  • Breathable – NipEaze is good to your skin. We use high-quality, breathable, latex-free materials.
  • Nipple concealing for ladies and men.Concealing properties – For years, ladies and some men have used expensive pasties and other products to help conceal their nipples, especially when wearing thin or clingy tops, tanks, or tees. Our versatile design works as a comfortable concealer that lasts all day, even as you sweat through your morning workout! NipEaze is the first Sport Pasty on the market!

Try NipEaze Risk-Free with our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Be free to wear whatever, whenever.  :)

Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again!


Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again

Hitting the surf without rash guards could mean excruciating doom for your nipples.  Or NOT…

It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky.  You’ve just had one of the toughest weeks, working your hardest to get ‘er done.  This is the moment in time you have been waiting for all winter long.  A time for you and your board to get reacquainted as you hit the crisp waves that until now have only been visited in your dreams.

It’s your Miller time. 

As you arrive, the beach with its electrifying sand and flowering sun instantly seduces you with warm rays blanketing your skin.  You would love to take advantage of this natural tanning environment and obtain an evenly cured tan as you peel the shirt from your pale winter skin.  But there’s just one problem: you know that facing the surf without a rash guard shirt spells instant doom for your sensitive nipples.  It’s why so many surfers like you have had to give up the sunscreen and forfeit to the whiteness – the bummer of a side-effect that traditional rash guards laughingly provide.  :lol:

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But what can you do about it short of wearing a rash guard shirt?  No one has ever suggested anything else that may work because nothing before has been water-resistant, long-lasting, transparent, and tough enough to do the job.

But today is the day that will alter your surfing lifestyle forever with Surfing Rash Guards.  Today you will discover the one, single, very simple product which will change the way you think about surfer’s nipple and the prevention thereof, specifically with Men’s Rash Guards.

As you pinpoint your favorite spot on the beach, you see a couple of your buds riding in a wave and you notice something very strange – they’re not wearing their rash guards!  No rash guard shirt, no t-shirt, not even a tank!  You find yourself in a state of bewilderment as you marvel at their seemingly high pain threshold.  Remembering your own experiences with nipple burn, you get that debilitating feeling that you may have well just rubbed those nipples completely off your chest – Ouch!  Running to catch up with your friends, a few choice words come to mind as you prepare to remind them what consequences can occur by foregoing the rash guards.

So what crazed surf curse could cause them to lose their rash guards and voluntarily conjure such savage pain upon their sensitive nips?  What is the magic behind their fearless endeavor?

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As you approach, before a single word stumbles from your mouth, one of your buds tosses you a small packet, ‘Hey dude, check ‘em out.’  This packet, the answer to all of your questions, seems simple yet appealing.  You let out a chuckle as you scan the description and your anxiety gradually slips away.

It’s NipEaze – Rash Guards!  It protects your nipples from chafing!NipEaze_Rash_Guards

But what is it? Is it like pasties for men?  And how come you didn’t notice that your friends were wearing them?

A closer look is what it takes.  NipEaze Rash Guards are transparent.  What?  Invisible rash guards?  Well, not completely invisible, but you can’t see them unless you look closely.

And even if you could see them, they’re cool!  You might even decide to draw a symbol on yours.  Use a sharpie to draw a shark fin, a skull and crossbones, a smiley face, whatever!  It’s fun!

NipEaze Rash Guards IS the Magic! 

It IS the answer to the question of how to prevent Surfer’s Nipple.   If you have saltwater, a surfboard, and a barechest, you know what this problem is and how terribly painful it can be.  NipEaze’s revolutionary design is a simple answer to a long-standing problem.

NipEaze is the most versatile, most discreet Nipple Protector on the market today.  Use them as rash guards for surfing, or use them in a variety of other ways.  Marathon runners and other endurance athletes use NipEaze for chafing prevention when extending their activities for the long haul.  Gardeners and other outdoor workers use it as they work actively and sweat, helping prevent the nipple burn associated with hard work and perspiration.   Ladies and even guys use NipEaze as a safe and convenient way to conceal nipples under tight-fitting or thin clothing.  The uses are endless!

So, now, before you hit the surf, pick up a packet of NipEaze Rash Guards, and leave your rash guard shirt behind!surf rash guards

Cowabunga, dude!

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Nipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and Irritation

Nipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and IrritationTired of feeling self-conscious and want to avoid the aggravation that comes with nipple chafing? Protect and conceal your nipples with NipEAZE!

Tired of feeling self-conscious when wearing a thin top?

Or do you want to avoid the aggravation that comes with nipple chafing when exercising?

Why can’t you wear that dress which feels so comfortable, and looks so cute on you?  Don’t you want to wear it without the worry of “standing out?”

How would you like to go to the gym and be confident that your workout will be your only concern.

Try Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women and get on with your day, and your life.

Nipple Covers for Women:  Who Needs Them?

  • Women who Work out Regularly
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Women Participating in Sports
  • Women with Prominent Nipples
  • Women who May be Nursing
  • Women Participating in Any Type of Water Activity

All the situations above can lead to either embarrassing, or painful experiences.  Let’s look at each one separately.

Nipple Covers for Women:  Women Who Work Out RegularlyNipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and Irritation woman working out

  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Weight lifting
  • Other organized sports (basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.)

Anyone who works out, or participates in rigorous activities can be in danger of nipple chafing and irritation; both men and women.

Women however, are at greater risk and thus the need to protect that particular area of the body during a workout with Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women.  The persistent back and forth of the fabric on the nipple can lead to:

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Itching
  • Chafing
  • Bleeding
  • Possible infection

So you can see where it would be important to have the nipple protected.

Nipple Covers for Women:  Women in the Workplace

  • In the Board Room
  • Individual Meetings or Conversations
  • At Lunch or the water Fountain
Nipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and Irritation band aids

This isn’t the answer to your problem!

Unless that’s just the look you’re going for, none of these places are where you want to have your nipples become the biggest part of the conversation.  Men stare and women talk about them behind your back.  You can’t help it, you were born with them, and why should it be your problem?  Well, with Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women it doesn’t have to be.

The latex-free adhesive cover is miraculously water and sweat-proof, and easy to apply and remove, no matter where you are in the office or workplace.

Nipple Covers for Women:  Women Participating in Sports

Do you wear a uniform in some sort of organized sport?

  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics

All these sports require over the top effort and hustle, which translates to you ladies having to move continuously, which causes your clothing to act in very abrasive ways.  With the constant back and forth needed to perform well, this can lead to the symptoms of nipple irritation mentioned above.  With Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women this doesn’t have to mean sore nipples for days after the sporting event.

The fabrics will glide past each other time and again without leaving you red and sore.  This means you can give your all, and the only worry about your game, is winning.

Nipple Covers for Women:  Women with Prominent Nipples

Let’s face it, some women have:

  • Larger Nipples
  • Constantly Erect Nipples
  • More Sensitive Nipples
  • Inverted Nipples

These conditions can often lead to being gawked at, as well as situations where nipple irritation is more likely.  For all these circumstances Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women can ease your mind and your body.  It smooths out the protruding areas, and keeps them from chafing due to constant friction.

No more worrying about whether you’re “sticking out,” or if people are staring at you or your breasts.  Nipeaze can give you the confidence to go anywhere and do anything.

  • As a side note women who are nursing and already have sore nipples, will find Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women a tremendous help.   Your nipples are sore and prominent enough without having to worry about what they look like. Nipeaze can help!

Nipple Covers for Women:  Women Participating in Any Type of Water ActivityNipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and Irritation women at beach

Water and normal clothing don’t mix, at least not while rubbing against the skin.  It’s more like they grate the skin like cheese.  If you’ve ever been to a water park without the proper clothing and protection, you know what it’s like.

  • Swimming
  • Sprinklers
  • Water Rides
  • Water Attractions

All pose a danger to your nipples if you don’t take care beforehand.  Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women is the care you should take.  Non-latex in make-up, these small protective shields will allow you to enjoy the water all day long.  Plus, you’ll love the       extra discretion while wearing your bikini top.

Nipple_Covers_for_Women_Help_Avoid_Embarrassment_and_Irritation5 productNipple Covers for Women:  Review

If you are looking at Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women, it’s likely you are experiencing one of the problems discussed above.  If that’s the case, why not try Nipeaze.  Fast, safe, and effective, Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Women are a great way to enjoy your active lifestyle without fear of nipple irritation or unwanted attention.

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Nipple Covers for Men are more Common than you Think

Nipple Covers for Men are more Common than you Think runner in painYou were so excited to wear that new running tank your wife bought you, but standing at the finish line you start to feel an all too familiar sensation.  Your shirt has literally clasped itself to your raw and burning nipples.  Standing very still you slowly peel the soaking wet culprit from your torso.  You try to ease up, but the pain is starting to become real, and you debate whether you should just rip the shirt away swiftly like pulling a bandage from your arm hair, or just leave the shirt attached permanently.  You invision life as a man and his inseparable shirt and that’s not sounding a bit crazy to you in the least.  Why didn’t you wear your Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men?

Nipple Covers for Men:  Do Other Men Really Need Them Too?

Yes!  You’d be amazed at how many men suffer from the same embarrassing problem you do.  Raw and sore nipples can happen in a variety of ways:

  • Running long distances
  • Endurance training
  • Bicycling
  • Walking
  • Gardening
  • Surfing or Body boarding

All of these activities can cause pain, irritation and discomfort and eventually cause the nipples to become raw and sore.

What About Nipple Covers for Mens Clothing?

Nipple Covers for Men Are More Common Than You Think apparelTight Clothing – Everyone has worn a shirt or sweater that was too thin, or tight on purpose because it made you look good.  Your nipples can sometimes have a mind of their own.  NipEaze helps you to conceal your nips when wearing:

  • thin t-shirts
  • dress shirts
  • Polo’s
  • tanks
  • sweaters
  • even see-through shirts

With Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men your worries can be eliminated.  With latex-free adhesive, Nipeaze covers and conceals the nipple.  Because it is transparent, it is discreet, so even ‘see-through’ shirts can be worn confidently.  Your shirt follows the form of your pecs, not your nipples.  No nipples equals no self-conscientiousness.

Abrasive Clothing – You love that wool sweater your wife got you for your birthday, but every time you put it on you have to deal with discomfort to your sensitive nips or the embarrassment of them standing to attention.  How can you fix that problem?

  • Throw the sweater away
  • Wear a T-Shirt under it, but then you sweat like a pig
  • Duct tape your nipples, but that leads to a rash
  • Wear the sweater over the shoulder
  • Buy some Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men

I’ll bet you can figure out the best solution for your nipple issues.  It certainly doesn’t have to involve too much decision making – its eazy!  If you could find a way to wear that sweater without the:

  • Worry
  • Discomfort
  • Embarrassment

that enlarged or erect nipples can cause, you would jump at it.  Well, it’s time to jump my friends; Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men eliminates all three concerns.

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Activewear – Putting on that new outfit with a fabric you’ve never worn before, no longer has to be a concern.  Skin sensitivity is greatly amplified in the delicate areola and nipple region of the breast.  If you are active or exercising for long periods of time, even some of the fabrics designed for activewear can rub and cause real irritation and discomfort.  Why take the chance?  Use Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men, and don’t think about it.

The strong, yet gentle on the skin, adhesive will give you hours of confidence and comfort as you wear what you want, whenever you want.


Strenuous Activity – Are you going to participate in the Michael Scott Rabies Awareness Nipple Covers for Men are more Common than you Think guy working outFun Run this year?  If so and you have nipples you may need to protect them.

With Nipeaze you can run a race of surety; sure that you will not be bleeding by the end of the race, because your nipples are raw.  With Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men you can do that strenuous activity that has caused you so much difficulty in the past.

  • Run a race
  • Wrestle with your kids
  • Play sports
  • Jazzercise!

All these become pain free activities for you and your nipples, with Nipeaze.

Wet Activities

  • Surfing
  • Body boarding
  • Water Slides
  • Perspiring
  • Playing in the snow
  • Singin’ in the rain

With Nipeaze you can go about your water activities knowing that you will be protected from irritation, chafing, and bleeding.  Plus, these covers are transparent, so they won’t be noticed if you decide to go bare-chested.

Nipple Covers for Men are more Common than you Think man runningNipple Covers for Men ARE more Common than you Think

As you can see, there are a multitude of activities where men are likely to have redness, soreness, pain, and bleeding if they do not protect the delicate contour of the nipples.  Plus!  With Nipeaze Nipple Covers for Men you can go about your normal activities wearing anything you desire, without the fear of embarrassment. So check out Nipeaze, and see how nipple covers for men can make a difference in your life.

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What is a Nipple Cover?






What is a nipple cover?  If you are one of the growing numbers of people who have tried everything to protect and/or conceal your nipples, you already know the answer to this question.  Instead, you hope to answer a completely different question; ‘Will NipEaze nipple covers work for me?’  Let’s take a look at some information to help answer these important questions.

Up until now, nipple covers have come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, each used for a specific purpose, and many designed for women only.  Pasties, petals, and other flowery covers have mostly been used by women for one purpose; to conceal the nipples.  For guys wanting to do such a thing, a more experimental approach has been the norm.  Men have tried everything from band aids to duct tape.  These methods may work, but can be embarrassing to explain to your buds on the court when you unexpectedly get chosen for the ‘skins’ team.  Some men have surrendered to the traditional method of wearing a couple of layers of clothing and just sweating it out.  Bleh.

And what about runners, athletes, and active professionals who need to prevent nipple chafing?  If you’ve ever experienced the burn, you understand a whole new meaning of the phrase ‘No pain, no gain.’  Recently, a few nipple covers have entered the market for exclusive use by long distance runners.  If you’ve tried one of these, and think they work great, you probably aren’t reading this article.  We’ve discovered that though they work well for most male runners, these ‘activity specific’ nipple covers aren’t compatible for some women and the few guys who need something larger, and they aren’t discreet enough to be used for other activities outside the marathon.

So, what is the benefit of using a NipEaze nipple cover over another brand or design?   The answer is eaZy!  NipEaze is the most versatile nipple cover on the market today.  Men and women, teenagers, and even kids can benefit from the practical and easy-to-use design of NipEaze.  NipEaze is thin, transparent, and durable.  It comes in three sizes to fit everyone differently. 

Parents, take NipEaze to the beach for your boogie-boarding teens and kids, and forget having to medicate a painful rash-burn later. Surfers, you read that right!  NipEaze is water-resistant and transparent; so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable, protecting your nips from the constant friction between you and your board or vest. 

Ladies, want to show your form but not your high beams?  NipEaze helps conceal under tight-fitting tops, tanks, and swimwear. 

Runners and athletes, no one has to know you are wearing nipple protection.  NipEaze is discreet and sweat-resistant. 

Guys, stop wearing layers!  Now you can wear your favorite t-shirt and not worry about your nips poking through.  Worried about chest hair?  We’ve got you covered.  NipEaze is designed to adhere to the areola only.  It won’t get caught in your hair.

And here’s the best part.  No matter what your active environment is, you want a nipple cover that will stay put as you give it your all.  That’s why NipEaze is designed to last for the duration.  That’s right!  NipEaze will stay on during your toughest and sweatiest workouts or the longest of work days, guaranteed or your money back. 

Try it risk-free today!