NipEaze Value Packs stir up Controversy

This year, 34-Count Packs of NipEaze have stirred up critics who accuse the company of waging a war on Third-Nipple Patrons. NipEaze said it has sold the "34-Packs” in the past, which have included (1) 15 Pairs Packet of Regular Size NipEaze plus a Bonus [...]

The Days Before 100 Miles / by Keith Hanson

Burning River Lead-up Part 3 This is the 3rd and final installment of my lead up to the Burning River 100 in Cleveland, Ohio. I choose not to highlight specific training routines or regimens because nobody wants to hear: “8-10 miles Monday, 12 miles Tuesday, [...]

What Makes a Champion? / by Keith Hanson

As the lead-up to the Burning River 100 continues, I’m so happy to be partnering with Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) to raise awareness for child poverty in Cleveland, OH and to collect new socks and underwear for kids!   It’s very exciting!  Please check [...]

Ultramarathon Training: 2015 Burning River 100M / by Keith Hanson

Training for an ultramarathon is tough.   Well, so is an ultramarathon.  Both of these points are obvious, yes, but are still worth mentioning. For those of you who don’t know, an ultramarathon is any race longer than 26.2 miles (the marathon distance).  There are a [...]

Race Report: 5th Annual Harbison 50K / by Keith Hanson

5th Annual Harbison 50K – Harbison State Forest, Columbia, SC – January 3rd, 2015. On a day where the sun just refused to come out, the Harbison 50km (31-mile) trail race was wet, misty, muddy, sloppy, rainy and FUN!  While people everywhere (and probably some [...]

Race Report : Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon / by Keith Hanson

37th Annual Kiawah Island Golf Resort (KIGR) Marathon – Kiawah Island, SC – December 13th, 2014 In my opinion, you could NOT ask for better conditions for a road marathon – well, for any race. Sure, there could have been a tailwind the entire time, [...]

From Couch to Half-Marathons and Beyond / by Edward Kasper

Running... who loves running?  I didn't. It was something I was forced to do while I served in the military.  I was young and was in really good shape, but I hated running. My max run was a mile and a half.  It was the [...]

A Life of Change as a New Runner / by Keith Hanson

Alright, well maybe I was a little overweight. Fat, maybe? Chubby, okay? Yeah, we’ll go with Chubby. So I was a chubby, Taco Bell-eating (mmm taco bell), non-runner who regularly and disdainfully reacted to a story or suggestion about a 5K, 10K or whatever- distance [...]

NipEaze VS Regular Spot Bandages: Performance VS Utility

In the world of marathon running, triathlons and other endurance sports, it often comes as a surprise to the participating athlete when he or she first experiences one of the most painful sports injuries known to man – nipple abrasion. Ouch! This is why that [...]

Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again!

Hitting the surf without rash guards could mean excruciating doom for your nipples.  Or NOT… It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky.  You’ve just had one of the toughest weeks, working your hardest to get ‘er done.  This is the moment in [...]