NipEaze VS Regular Spot Bandages: Performance VS Utility

Sports-related Injuries are the Achilles Heel of training to improve your game. Let's talk about prevention. You may have already experienced one of the most painful sports injuries known to man – nipple abrasion. Ouch! This mystical injury comes out of nowhere when you least expect [...]

Nipple Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again!

Hitting the surf without nipple rash guards could mean excruciating doom for your nipples.  Or NOT… It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky.  You’ve just had one of the toughest weeks, working your hardest to get ‘er done.  This is the moment [...]

Nipple Covers for Women Help Avoid Embarrassment and Irritation

Tired of feeling self-conscious when wearing a thin top?  Or do you want to avoid the aggravation that comes with nipple chafing when exercising?  Why can’t you wear that dress which feels so comfortable, and looks so cute on you?  Don’t you want to wear it without [...]

Nipple Covers for Men are more Common than you Think

You were so excited to wear that new running tank your wife bought you, but standing at the finish line you start to feel an all too familiar sensation.  Your shirt has literally clasped itself to your raw and burning nipples.  Standing very still you slowly peel the soaking wet [...]

What is a Nipple Cover?

          What is a nipple cover?  If you are one of the growing numbers of people who have tried everything to protect and/or conceal your nipples, you already know the answer to this question.  Instead, you hope to answer a completely [...]

Where Can I Get Nipple Covers?

      Now that you know what NipEaze can do for you, you are probably asking the question, ‘Where can I get these amazing nipple covers?’  For some of us, there are a few purchases in life which call for at least a little [...]

How to prevent chafing when running

        Congratulations...  You have joined the growing number of running enthusiasts who've entered the exciting and challenging arena of marathon racing or endurance training!  As a result, you have discovered a common side-effect of extended exercise - painful nipple chafing.  Who’d of thought [...]

Women’s Running Magazine

NipEAZE in Women's Running Magazine NipEAZE Nipple Chafing Prevention has been highlighted in the latest issue of Women's Running Magazine! Check out the highlight in Women’s Running Magazine that has stirred some excitement in the world of Sports Injury Prevention! This is [...]

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