Nipple Cover and Protector

NipEAZE for Joggers and Runners - Discreetly Protects and Conceals NipplesIf you have an active work environment, chances are you have experienced the pain and discomfort of skin irritation or chafing – and the most sensitive area of your torso has been especially affected.

Keep reading to find out an eazy and effective solution to the painful problem of nipple chafing!

For many years, folks like you have searched for remedies to ease the pain or soreness associated with chafing.  Lotions, ointments, and messy salves have been the most effective.

But did you know, that now there are sure ways to prevent the chafing from happening to begin with?  A growing number of hard working folks just like you are using chafing-prevention products in order to ‘nip the problem in the bud’.

So, what causes nipple chafing?

When you are physically active, especially for extended periods of time, your shirt or undergarment constantly moves and rubs against your skin.  This constant friction can be abrasive to your skin and torturous to your sensitive nipples. So while you’re delivering mail, keeping up the productivity in a hot factory, or doing yard work, this unavoidable friction can cause nipple chafing, sore nipples or even nipple bleeding.

This problem not only affects physically active professionals; as you may be aware―athletes, runners, tennis players, and many others cope with symptoms as minor as soreness and irritation to full on bleeding of the nips.

However, there’s a practical solution that will end nipple chafing and irritation for good.  Plus!  This product will help anyone who wants to suppress or conceal their nipples under sheer or thin clothing.


Versatile    ~    Easy to Use    ~    High Quality    ~    Comfortable    ~    Affordable


NipEAZE for Joggers and Runners - Discreetly Protects and Conceals NipplesNipEAZE – Focus on the Job, Not the Burn

NipEaze is the newest, most versatile nipple cover on the planet:

  • Prevent your nipples from chafing no matter how much you sweat
  • Protect nipples, moles, or small sores from abrasion
  • Feel comfortable wearing any kind of clothing no matter how thin
  • Water-resistant and durable enough to use when surfing or bodyboarding

NipEAZE for Joggers and Runners - Discreetly Protects and Conceals Nipples
NipEaze is so eazy to use!

NipEaze is made only of the best materials that guarantee comfort, durability and effectiveness.  You can totally eliminate all your nipple problems…

Our nipple cover is…

  • Breathable– This allows for great protection that is very comfortable.
  • Discreet – The transparent and thin design is hardly noticeable, making it great for men in competitive sports.  It is even discreet enough for bare-chested surfers and bodyboarders.
  • Water and sweat resistant – Durable enough for marathoners and water sport enthusiasts.
  • Latex-free – The latex-free adhesive and material is great for sensitive skin.
  • Durable – Lasts longer than other designs.


And Much MORE…


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Not absolutely sure NipEaze is right for you? 

We’d love you to try NipEaze completely RISK FREE !  We are confident our product can make a difference in your life.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, return the unused portion for a 100% refund – no questions asked!


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