This year, 34-Count Packs of NipEaze have stirred up critics who accuse the company of waging a war on Third-Nipple Patrons.

NipEaze said it has sold the “34-Packs” in the past, which have included (1) 15 Pairs Packet of Regular Size NipEaze plus a Bonus (2 pairs) Trial Pack, in favor of a lower-cost solution for frequent-use customers.
When the new 34-Count Combinations rolled out in January, NipEaze owner Pat Ward said the company “wanted to usher in the New Year with a concise description of quantity in order to show the precise value of the packaging.” 34Count

Dr. Mango, a runner and Amazon shopper who was born with a third nipple, took exception.
He posted a review to Amazon that went viral. Mango criticizes NipEaze for causing third-nipple patrons to “have to split up a pair every time.”

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Mango encouraged customers to use “Duct Tape” instead of NipEaze in order to combat what he considers ‘cost’. He further said that NipEaze caused him to be “bummed.” In a small survey generated from, it was noted that his review was found to be helpful by only 2 out of 6 Amazon shoppers.


“I was born with a third nipple and am bummed I have to split up a pair every time I run. Anyway, at this cost I’m considering switching back to duct tape,” he wrote.

In response to Mango’s review, NipEaze said in a recent statement that it tries “to create packs that are divisible by 3 as well as 2; the bonus pack was supposed to be a freebie but unfortunately threw the mathematics off a bit.”

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