Now that you know what NipEaze can do for you, you are probably asking the question, ‘Where can I get these amazing nipple covers?’  For some of us, there are a few purchases in life which call for at least a little bit of privacy.  If you’ve ever ran into your pastor at the supermarket just after loading the cart with a few six-packs of your favorite beer, you can certainly appreciate where I’m headed with this blog.  So is the case in point when shopping for products like nipple covers.

While some guys and gals are perfectly comfortable talking about their nipples, others find it a little embarrassing to discuss.  I mean, let’s face it, our nipples are sensitive!  For most men and some women, dealing with nipple chafing or other nipple issues is stressful enough.  We don’t need to add to that stress when shopping around for a solution.  That’s why NipEaze nipple covers can be purchased in the privacy of your own home, risk free, from a number of online stores. 

For online shoppers, our website,, is fast and easy.  It contains the most comprehensive descriptions and video of our amazing new product.  And, it is the one place where folks like you and I can get all the privacy we need to shop for nipple covers.  Even the shipping is discreet.  NipEaze is delivered to your home via the United States Postal Service.  It comes with your regular mail, nothing fancy, just a basic white envelope and a note of thanks.

We are so excited to have our new, state of the art website up and running.  But it’s not the only place you can find NipEaze on the World Wide Web.  This innovative new product can be found on one of the largest online stores around,  We are so grateful to Amazon for offering many tools to help small businesses like us get the word out about our products.  If you are an Amazon customer, it’s easy to add a packet of NipEaze to your order.  Click the following link to see our Amazon page:

You can also search for us on EBay.  We have sold NipEaze all over the world thanks to the power of Ebay!  NipEaze has been shipped toAustralia,Greece,Ireland,Russia,China,New Zealand,Israel,Canada,Singapore,Poland,Brazil,Chile,Hungary, and theUnited Kingdom.  We are very thankful for how Ebay has opened the doors of the world to our new product.

So now you might be left with one important question… ‘Where can I get NipEaze nipple covers in stores?’  If you are a runner, you know that most running shoe store associates can feel your pain.  So they happily recommend products to help prevent all sorts of chafing and other sports related injuries. 

Currently, NipEaze is available at Totally Running stores in theAtlanta area.  Coming soon to our website you will find a link for where to buy NipEaze in your area.  We hope NipEaze will soon be found in running stores, surf shops, and apparel boutiques all across the nation.  Until then, thanks for visiting us here at