Focus on the Run, Not the Burn

For years, long distance runners and other athletes have had to deal with painful nipple chafing.

Be Free to Wear Whatever, Whenever

It’s embarrassing not to mention uncomfortable wearing multiple layers just to conceal your nipples.

Catch the Wave, Not the Burn

Bare-chested surfing, body boarding, and other activities can easily cause painful nipple chafing.

NipEAZE is proud, to have been featured…

Check out the highlight in Women’s Running Magazine that has stirred some excitement in the world of Sports Injury Prevention!

Want to know why this was an unexpected surprise?

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Our Runners

Keith Hanson With NipEAZE
Keith Hanson – Avid Runner, Biologist, NipEaze Senior Ambassador, and Taco Bell Lover
Edward Kasper – Running Addict, Actor, NipEaze Ambassador, and Candyholic