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I can finally run long distances without wanting to yank my shirt away …

I can finally run long distances without wanting to yank my shirt away from my chest every few minutes! I’m a heavy sweater and these stay on no problem. They are not uncomfortable either. I took a shower after a run once and forgot to take them off because I forgot they were there.

Kevin (Male)

Works perfect!

Works perfect! I run Ultra-Marathons and do weekly training runs from 20-40 miles at a time. In cooler weather when I have to wear a top, I can get about 15 miles before the nipple chafing starts. In the winter when my bottom layer is soaked in sweat, it may be after 10 miles. So, seeing this product made me a bit skeptical. Well, NipEAZE work great! Cheap enough to use on training runs and resilient enough for 100-mile races. They are very comfortable and not even noticeable. One time I remember not even noticing they were still on until the next day in the shower (2x showers later). They are very water resistant. In fact, I have never had one fall off. I highly recommend them!

Sam (Male)

Fantastic stuff!

Went for a 26.2 mile training run this last weekend. Used these and didn’t have so much as a hint of chafing. Fantastic stuff! They don’t give in to all the sweat, yet they come off painlessly in the shower afterwards. Excellent product, to be sure.

R. Jeffs (Male)

I often forget to take them off until I am already in the shower!

I got these mainly for when I wear t-shirts. They conceal what might look unflattering when wearing just a t-shirt. They easily last 24 hours and are very comfortable. I often forget to take them off until I am already in the shower!

Shaun (Male)

…they STAY ON!

These are great, eliminate embarrassing situations, and they STAY ON!!

V. Eakly (Female)

I sweat a lot.

I use them when i do yard work as I sweat a lot.

L. Evans (Male)

Amazing. Better than advertised!!

Amazing. Better than advertised!! Use them to run everyday, and just work GREAT! Hassle free and easy to use, but most importantly, they are effective!  I will keep buying these products.

Keith (Male)

I love the way these covers conceal.

I love the way these covers conceal. And best of all they stay on, even under my swimsuit in the pool!

Lee (Female)

I am thrilled that I came across this product.

What is the NipEaze, you may ask?

Well, I returned to jogging recently, and my goodness, the sharp, burning pain, was unbearable. I had to stop running. The chafing caused some bleeding, and I would return home with blood stains on my t-shirt, from nipple irritation.  I had no idea this product existed. I read some product reviews, all of them basically positive. One person said “I just use band-aids”. I tried band-aids, and in fact they do the trick. But they are big and bulky, and really need to come off between exercise sessions.

I tried these NipEaze adhesive covers.  They are totally inconspicuous, only cover the areola (you don’t need to shave), they work 100% at complete elimination of the problem.

Then, I forget they are there, they are so small and invisible. 3-4 days and 3-4 showers later, I notice they are still there, I forgot to take them off. The adhesive is so reliable, that they probably could stay in place up to a week, even with twice a day showering, but I just change them out for hygiene reasons. That’s the NipEaze challenge — just how long can they stay in place?  Clearly then, much more economical than swapping a bulky band-aide every day.

I am thrilled that I came across this product. Their developers deserve credit for innovation and improvement in users’ quality of life. I almost gave up jogging, and re-became overweight, until I found these.

Kudos, kudos.

Rob (Male)

Life Changing

I typically dread summer because with any form fitting tshirt my nipples would show through the shirt so I could never wear them. I was nervous with these at first thinking it was just going to lay over the nipple and create a bulge instead. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they not only cover, but they flatten out your nipple too so there is absolutely no bulge from both the nipple or the sticker. Smooths your chest right out. Perfect.

Amazon Customer


Choosing the rights size of NipEAZE for your body type

For Concealment:

Choose the NEW Sport+Fashion Full Size (1.25") if your primary use will be for fashion or to help conceal the nips under clothing.

For Endurance Athletics and Nipple Chafing Prevention:

Place a clean penny on one of your bare nipples. Does it cover most of the areola? If so, choose Size Regular (fits most).

The NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola unless your primary objective is to help conceal your nipples.

Regular – 3/4” – Fits most (about the size of a US Penny)
Extra – 1” – For larger nipples (slightly larger than a US Quarter)

Endurance Athletes and Runners: Why Measure?

For the adhesive to be most effective against moisture & friction, NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the smaller size.