NipEAZE Original Sports Nipple Concealer for Women

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Ladies, you are going to love what NipEAZE can do for you and your wardrobe.  How many times have you wanted to wear a lightweight top or dress without a bra? Or, just throw on a thin t-shirt with no worries?  Some guys have the same problem.  So certain shirts can’t be worn without wearing a couple of layers underneath, and that can be a very uncomfortable hassle.  The Solution… With its breathable and suppressing design, NipEAZE gives you the freedom to wear whatever, whenever! NipEAZE is so comfortable that it can be worn all day.  It is the perfect accessory for women or men who seek a modest look in lightweight or clingy clothing.  And because it is water and sweat resistant, you can use it while swimming.  Ditch the thick, uncomfortable padding from your bikini tops.

This best-selling nipple concealer is available in 2 sizes (for best results, NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola) Regular ¾”(fits most)/includes 15 pairs; Extra 1”(for larger nipples)/includes 12 pairs  **10 times More Staying-Power than regular Spot Bandages!**

NipEAZE is the Original Sport Nip Cover for runners and other endurance athletes who experience nipple chafing.  With its durable adhesive and sweat resistant design, NipEAZE is like a shield that protects you from the constant friction between you and your clothing.  Because it is thin and breathable, it gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want while you run – no more special shirts or messy roll-ons!  NipEAZE is easy to apply, discreet, and comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Surfers and Bodyboarders use NipEAZE because it is water-resistant and transparent, so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable yet it protects the nips from the constant friction between you and your board or vest.

  • Concealing Sport Pasties for daily wear, athletics, swimming, or anytime you need extra concealment
  • Save $ and get Faster Shipping ~ Buy 4-pack bundles
  • Discreet (Transparent), Breathable, Sweat and Water Resistant
  • Nipple Chafing Prevention, Nipple Concealer, Comfortable, Thin, Easy to Use
  • Available in 2 sizes / IMPORTANT: NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. Regular 3/4″(fits most); Extra 1″(for larger nipples)

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