Nipple Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again!

Dec 21, 2012

Rash Guards for Just the Nips Make Surfing Fun Again

Hitting the surf without nipple rash guards could mean excruciating doom for your nipples.  Or NOT…

It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky.  You’ve just had one of the toughest weeks, working your hardest to get ‘er done.  This is the moment in time you have been waiting for all winter long.  A time for you and your board to get reacquainted as you hit the crisp waves that until now have only been visited in your dreams.

It’s your Miller time. 

As you arrive, the beach with its electrifying sand and flowering sun instantly seduces you with warm rays blanketing your skin.  You would love to take advantage of this natural tanning environment and obtain an evenly cured tan as you peel the shirt from your pale winter skin.  But there’s just one problem: you know that facing the surf without a rash guard shirt spells instant doom for your sensitive nipples.  It’s why so many surfers like you have had to give up the sunscreen and forfeit to the whiteness – the bummer of a side-effect that traditional rash guards laughingly provide.  😆

 But what can you do about it short of wearing a rash guard shirt?  No one has ever suggested anything else that may work because nothing before has been water-resistant, long-lasting, transparent, and tough enough to do the job.

 But today is the day that will alter your surfing lifestyle forever with Surfing Rash Guards.  Today you will discover the one, single, very simple product which will change the way you think about surfer’s nipple and the prevention thereof, specifically with Men’s Rash Guards.

As you pinpoint your favorite spot on the beach, you see a couple of your buds riding in a wave and you notice something very strange – they’re not wearing their rash guards!  No rash guard shirt, no t-shirt, not even a tank!  You find yourself in a state of bewilderment as you marvel at their seemingly high pain threshold.  Remembering your own experiences with nipple burn, you get that debilitating feeling that you may have well just rubbed those nipples completely off your chest – Ouch!  Running to catch up with your friends, a few choice words come to mind as you prepare to remind them what consequences can occur by foregoing the rash guards.

So what crazed surf curse could cause them to lose their rash guards and voluntarily conjure such savage pain upon their sensitive nips?  What is the magic behind their fearless endeavor?

 As you approach, before a single word stumbles from your mouth, one of your buds tosses you a small packet, ‘Hey dude, check ‘em out.’  This packet, the answer to all of your questions, seems simple yet appealing.  You let out a chuckle as you scan the description and your anxiety gradually slips away.

It’s NipEaze – Nipple Rash Guards!  It protects your nipples from chafing!NipEaze_Rash_Guards

But what is it? Is it like pasties for men?  And how come you didn’t notice that your friends were wearing them?

A closer look is what it takes.  NipEaze Rash Guards are transparent.  What?  Invisible rash guards?  Well, not completely invisible, but you can’t see them unless you look closely.

And even if you could see them, they’re cool!  You might even decide to draw a symbol on yours.  Use a sharpie to draw a shark fin, a skull and crossbones, a smiley face, whatever!  It’s fun!

NipEaze Nipple Rash Guards IS the Magic! 

It IS the answer to the question of how to prevent Surfer’s Nipple.   If you have saltwater, a surfboard, and a barechest, you know what this problem is and how terribly painful it can be.  NipEaze’s revolutionary design is a simple answer to a long-standing problem.

NipEaze is the most versatile, most discreet Nipple Protector on the market today.  Use them as rash guards for surfing, or use them in a variety of other ways.  Marathon runners and other endurance athletes use NipEaze for chafing prevention when extending their activities for the long haul.  Gardeners and other outdoor workers use it as they work actively and sweat, helping prevent the nipple burn associated with hard work and perspiration.   Ladies and even guys use NipEaze as a safe and convenient way to conceal nipples under tight-fitting or thin clothing.  The uses are endless!

So, now, before you hit the surf, pick up a packet of NipEaze Nipple Rash Guards, and leave your rash guard shirt behind!surf rash guards

Cowabunga, dude!

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Choosing the rights size of NipEAZE for your body type

For Concealment:

Choose the NEW Sport+Fashion Full Size (1.25") if your primary use will be for fashion or to help conceal the nips under clothing.

For Endurance Athletics and Nipple Chafing Prevention:

Place a clean penny on one of your bare nipples. Does it cover most of the areola? If so, choose Size Regular (fits most).

The NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola unless your primary objective is to help conceal your nipples.

Regular – 3/4” – Fits most (about the size of a US Penny)
Extra – 1” – For larger nipples (slightly larger than a US Quarter)

Endurance Athletes and Runners: Why Measure?

For the adhesive to be most effective against moisture & friction, NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the smaller size.