How to prevent chafing when running

Nov 12, 2012

Congratulations…  You have joined the growing number of running enthusiasts who’ve entered the exciting and challenging arena of marathon racing or endurance training!  As a result, you have discovered a common side-effect of extended exercise – painful nipple chafing.  Who’d of thought after all the sore muscles, shin splits, and aching joints sustained while training and pushing yourself to the limit, a little thing like this could cause pain so wrong make you wanna staple your bottom lip to your forehead?  [Don’t spend too much time on that visual folks; it’s just the second cup of coffee talking.]  So how is a motivated, give-it-all athlete like you supposed to prevent this malevolent chafing when running the extra mile?  Well, the answer may be eazier than you think!

First, let’s look at what causes nipple chafing.  When we run, walk, cycle, or perform other extended activities, our clothing doesn’t always move with us.  We may be immersed in the most perfect rhythmic workout – heart pumping, mind focused, muscles fully engaged; but our clothing is doing the chicken dance.  The friction created as a result of this variable movement will begin to burn the tender parts of our skin.  If this friction isn’t reduced or eliminated, it doesn’t take long before the most sensitive area of our torso becomes chafed, sometimes to the point of bleeding.  Ouch!

So what can we do about it?  The simplest way to keep those nips from catching on fire is to wear no shirt at all.  Say what?   Well, I suppose if you’re a guy and you’re training on the beach on a hot day and oh, it might help if you’ve already worked off those love handles.  But for most of us guys and girls, it’s a chilly morning, the sun is peaking over the horizon, and we’ve got neighbors who’d rather we keep our shirts on.  Thankfully there are several techniques and products which can help prevent nipple chafing no matter how many layers of clothing we choose to wear.

Through our involvement in the running community, we here at NipEaze have had the opportunity to talk to some very passionate runners about chafing.  They’ve tried everything, some with success and some without.  Here’s what they had to say…

One ‘old-timer’ [you wouldn’t know he was ‘old’ by looking at him] recommended that we should just let those nipples burn!  Uh, come again?  He continued to tell us how the nips will eventually ‘callus up’ and stop burning.  [This advice of course is included in the manual when you order your acupuncture mattress and hot-coals bath mat gift set.]  While we were inspired by this rugged champion’s devotion, my wife didn’t like his approach very much at all.  And frankly, I’d prefer my wife not follow his advice either if you know what I mean. [wink wink.]

One contender in the world of chafing prevention is good ol’ petroleum jelly.  If you want to know how to make a mess, but help prevent chafing nonetheless; try this technique when running your next 10k.  As an alternative, there are products like BodyGlide which have improved on the idea of salves, gels, or balms as a way to ease the friction.  Balms designed for thighs and other body parts can help the nipples too, but a lot of folks complain about the lack of staying power these products have in the nipple area and the annoying stain some can leave on your shirt.

Two of the most talked about solutions that runners have tried is something that can be found in your medicine cabinet or hardware drawer.  Adhesive bandages or tapes such as duct tape have been used with some success by a few runners.  The reason these two techniques are popular is the same reason that at least three brands of nipple protectors, including NipEaze, have crafted their design from this basic principle…  It works!  The reason it works is because it virtually eliminates the friction between your nips and shirt.  Much like the cartilage in your joints, it serves as a shield between two moving parts.

This brings us to the final and most widely recommended technique our panel of devoted runners shared with us – nipple protectors.  While some have had success with hardware tape or first aid kits, many have grown tired of the sticky mess and other hassles that go along with these home remedies.  Serious runners use activity-specific adhesive applications which are designed not only to adhere to the sensitive skin on or around the areola, they stay on for lengthy, sweaty, and stifling hot endeavors.  When all the aspects of training require most of your focus and energy; it just makes sense to use a professional nipple cover.  Though a little pricey, these aforementioned nipple protectors are great for runners who need something fast, easy, and effective and aren’t concerned with the appearance of nipple protection when wearing a thin shirt.

As the new kid on the block, NipEaze has taken the idea of nipple protection to a whole new level.  Our unique adhesive cover is easy to apply, very discreet, extremely sweat resistant, and durable.  And best of all, more affordable than other designs.  We are happy to introduce the most versatile nipple cover available today!

Visit our website,, and find out how NipEaze nipple covers work to not only prevent painful nipple chafing when running, but do so much more.

Try NipEaze risk-free today!

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Choosing the rights size of NipEAZE for your body type

For Concealment:

Choose the NEW Sport+Fashion Full Size (1.25") if your primary use will be for fashion or to help conceal the nips under clothing.

For Endurance Athletics and Nipple Chafing Prevention:

Place a clean penny on one of your bare nipples. Does it cover most of the areola? If so, choose Size Regular (fits most).

The NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola unless your primary objective is to help conceal your nipples.

Regular – 3/4” – Fits most (about the size of a US Penny)
Extra – 1” – For larger nipples (slightly larger than a US Quarter)

Endurance Athletes and Runners: Why Measure?

For the adhesive to be most effective against moisture & friction, NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the smaller size.