NE Racing Team Highlights

Our ambassadors are always on the move. They inspire us to keep pushing our minds and bodies to do what we are designed to do – get moving!

Here’s what they’ve been up to lately…


Keith ‘Wildman’ Hanson 

This past Saturday, the Wildman embarked on his 5th annual Badwater Cape Fear ultramarathon.  “Amazing time reuniting with so many weirdos at @badwaterhq Cape Fear. World class race. Thanks to @nipeaze for making it all happen for me! Unfortunately you can’t just will your injuries away. Dropped down to the 50K again because of injuries. Overall just a delightful weekend – Running is secondary to reconnecting with great friends and being outside enjoying the beautiful beach and maritime forest. Shoutout to @chriskostman for amazing race directing and all the other nuts I was able to see. Also, I have short hair now.” ~Keith


Mr. Eddie Kasper

For the entire month of February, Mr. Eddie and his Run Ranger Run team ran a combined total of 565 miles, raising money for veterans. “Day 28 ???? last day. Had to break 100 miles so I brought out the bike for 8 miles… thank you to all who donated! It was a great month!” ~Ed


Tim Fitzbag

Living in New Hampshire, Tim spends much of his winter running the treadmill or carefully treading upon snow and ice.  Tomorrow he runs the Shamrock Half Marathon in Manchester. Good luck Tim!



Thanks for the inspiration guys! ~Pat

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