What is a Nipple Cover?

What is a nipple cover?  If you are one of the growing numbers of people who have tried everything to protect and/or conceal your nipples, you already know the answer to this question.  Instead, you hope to answer a completely different question; ‘Will NipEaze nipple covers work for me?’  Let’s take a look at some information to help answer these important questions.

Up until now, nipple covers have come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, each used for a specific purpose, and many designed for women only.  Pasties, petals, and other flowery covers have mostly been used by women for one purpose; to conceal the nipples.  For guys wanting to do such a thing, a more experimental approach has been the norm.  Men have tried everything from band aids to duct tape.  These methods may work, but can be embarrassing to explain to your buds on the court when you unexpectedly get chosen for the ‘skins’ team.  Some men have surrendered to the traditional method of wearing a couple of layers of clothing and just sweating it out.  Bleh.

And what about runners, athletes, and active professionals who need to prevent nipple chafing?  If you’ve ever experienced the burn, you understand a whole new meaning of the phrase ‘No pain, no gain.’  Recently, a few nipple covers have entered the market for exclusive use by long distance runners.  If you’ve tried one of these, and think they work great, you probably aren’t reading this article.  We’ve discovered that though they work well for most male runners, these ‘activity specific’ nipple covers aren’t compatible for some women and the few guys who need something larger, and they aren’t discreet enough to be used for other activities outside the marathon.

So, what is the benefit of using a NipEaze nipple cover over another brand or design?   The answer is eaZy!  NipEaze is the most versatile nipple cover on the market today.  Men and women, teenagers, and even kids can benefit from the practical and easy-to-use design of NipEaze.  NipEaze is thin, transparent, and durable.  It comes in three sizes to fit everyone differently.

Parents, take NipEaze to the beach for your boogie-boarding teens and kids, and forget having to medicate a painful rash-burn later. Surfers, you read that right!  NipEaze is water-resistant and transparent; so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable, protecting your nips from the constant friction between you and your board or vest.

Ladies, want to show your form but not your high beams?  NipEaze helps conceal under tight-fitting tops, tanks, and swimwear.

Runners and athletes, no one has to know you are wearing nipple protection.  NipEaze is discreet and sweat-resistant.

Guys, stop wearing layers!  Now you can wear your favorite t-shirt and not worry about your nips poking through.  Worried about chest hair?  We’ve got you covered.  NipEaze is designed to adhere to the areola only.  It won’t get caught in your hair.

And here’s the best part.  No matter what your active environment is, you want a nipple cover that will stay put as you give it your all.  That’s why NipEaze is designed to last for the duration.  That’s right!  NipEaze will stay on during your toughest and sweatiest workouts or the longest of work days, guaranteed or your money back.

Try it risk-free today!

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