NipEAZE in Women's Running Magazine

NipEAZE in Women’s Running Magazine

NipEAZE Nipple Chafing Prevention has been highlighted in the latest issue of Women’s Running Magazine!

Check out the highlight in Women’s Running Magazine that has stirred some excitement in the world of Sports Injury Prevention! This is one of many ways that men and women are learning about the effectiveness and versatility of NipEaze.

We would like to thank to Coach Jenny, an awesome running coach, author, and inspiration for this unexpected mention!

So you might ask, ‘Why did the blurb in the world’s largest women-specific magazine come as an unexpected surprise?’

Great question! 🙂

NipEAZE was originally targeted toward male runners for nipple chafing. Don’t worry ladies, we didn’t leave you out, but we had assumed that women would use NipEAZE for cosmetic purposes only (to conceal under tight-fitting tops).

Thanks to some great feedback from the ladies we talked to, we learned that women runners do in fact have the same chafing problems as their male competitors, and they are excited to now have a product that they can depend on, even on the longest runs. It was a duh moment for us!

Wow!  Thanks for your support everyone!