NipEaze VS Regular Spot Bandages: Performance VS Utility

Nov 17, 2014

Sports-related Injuries are the Achilles Heel of training to improve your game. Let’s talk about prevention. You may have already experienced one of the most painful sports injuries known to man – nipple abrasion. Ouch! This mystical injury comes out of nowhere when you least expect it. And is it preventable? For years endurance athletes have tried everything from bandaids to duct tape in order to help prevent such a gruesome phenomenon from occurring.

Of the tape and bandaid camp, the most common product recruited to help prevent nipple chafing is the spot bandage – a small circular or square bandage designed for small and minor cuts, scrapes and burns. The bandage is placed over each nipple and a small prayer is said in hopes that the adhesive will hold up for at least part of the competition or workout. A close second to this technique is the use of two small bandaid strips placed over each nipple in an X pattern.

While the use of bandages is a great way to help heal an existing damaged nipple, the majority of endurance athletes have discovered that the adhesive properties of these products do not hold up to sweat and high-intensity motion, and therefore are not reliable for use as injury prevention. This stands to a very good reason – bandages are designed to do something totally different; heal wounds. And so, many serious athletes have longed for something better with regards to chafing prevention. In recent years, several products have emerged which have proven to raise the bar in the category of Skin Protection. NipEaze is one such product.

In a recent study, NipEaze was placed head-to-head with one of the leading brand Spot Bandages. As a result, NipEaze is rated as possessing ‘10 times more staying-power’ than its medicinal cousin. Why is that? The answer is simple: NipEaze is designed for athletes, and more specifically, designed to protect nipples. Would you enter your family’s mini-van in a Grand-Prix race? Would you wear your stylish Florsheim wing-tips to a triathlon competition? Why not? Answer: high-performance activities require high-performance equipment. NipEaze is high-performance equipment.

Check out how NipEaze compared to a leading brand Spot Bandages in our recent study:

In summary, NipEaze has 65% more adhesive coverage than a regular Spot Bandage. Furthermore, NipEaze out-performs regular Spot Bandages in each and every test. As with any specialty performance product, the price is a bit higher than most generic bandages, but compared to other specialty nipple products, NipEaze wins as the best value.

Because NipEaze is designed specifically for nipples, there are many noteworthy differences between the two products.Don't use duct tape or bandaids

Remember, bandages are designed to help heal small and minor cuts, scrapes, and burns; and duct tape is designed to fix stuff. Alternately, NipEaze is a high-quality Athletics Accessory designed to protect the most sensitive parts of your torso! And it is designed to do it well!

Check out additional design-specific qualities of NipEaze:

  • Discreet / transparent – NipEaze is thin and transparent so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable, even for bare-chested surfers!
  • Size options – NipEaze comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Extra. Hey, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our nips!
  • Ease of application – Part of the story behind our name is how easy it is to apply our product. Try it, you’ll see!
  • Water-resistant / sweat resistant – This is the most important feature of our Anti-chafe Nipple Cover. It is the reason we are becoming very popular in the Triathlon community. When you apply NipEaze by following the ‘for best results’ instructions, it stays on, even during high-intensity workouts.
  • No sticky residue – Easily remove NipEaze in the shower and don’t worry about a sticky residue that regular bandages and tapes can leave behind.
  • Breathable – NipEaze is good to your skin. We use high-quality, breathable, latex-free materials.
  • Concealing properties – For years, ladies and some men have used expensive pasties and other products to help conceal their nipples, especially when wearing thin or clingy tops, tanks, or tees. Our versatile design works as a comfortable concealer that lasts all day, even as you sweat through your morning workout! NipEaze is the first Sport Pasty on the market!

Try NipEaze Risk-Free with our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Be free to wear whatever, whenever.  🙂

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Choosing the rights size of NipEAZE for your body type

For Concealment:

Choose the NEW Sport+Fashion Full Size (1.25") if your primary use will be for fashion or to help conceal the nips under clothing.

For Endurance Athletics and Nipple Chafing Prevention:

Place a clean penny on one of your bare nipples. Does it cover most of the areola? If so, choose Size Regular (fits most).

The NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola unless your primary objective is to help conceal your nipples.

Regular – 3/4” – Fits most (about the size of a US Penny)
Extra – 1” – For larger nipples (slightly larger than a US Quarter)

Endurance Athletes and Runners: Why Measure?

For the adhesive to be most effective against moisture & friction, NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the smaller size.