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From Couch to Half-Marathons and Beyond ~Edward Kasper

Running... who loves running?  I didn't. It was something I was forced to do while I served in the military.  I was young and was in really good shape, but I hated running. My max run was a mile and a half.  It was the minimum I needed to run to pass the physical fitness test. I guess it's true,...

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A Life of Change as a New Runner ~Keith Hanson

Alright, well maybe I was a little overweight. Fat, maybe? Chubby, okay? Yeah, we’ll go with Chubby. So I was a chubby, Taco Bell-eating (mmm taco bell), non-runner who regularly and disdainfully reacted to a story or suggestion about a 5K, 10K or whatever- distance race with “What? Why would you...

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