What is the NipEaze, you may ask?

Well, I returned to jogging recently, and my goodness, the sharp, burning pain, was unbearable. I had to stop running. The chafing caused some bleeding, and I would return home with blood stains on my t-shirt, from nipple irritation.  I had no idea this product existed. I read some product reviews, all of them basically positive. One person said “I just use band-aids”. I tried band-aids, and in fact they do the trick. But they are big and bulky, and really need to come off between exercise sessions.

I tried these NipEaze adhesive covers.  They are totally inconspicuous, only cover the areola (you don’t need to shave), they work 100% at complete elimination of the problem.

Then, I forget they are there, they are so small and invisible. 3-4 days and 3-4 showers later, I notice they are still there, I forgot to take them off. The adhesive is so reliable, that they probably could stay in place up to a week, even with twice a day showering, but I just change them out for hygiene reasons. That’s the NipEaze challenge — just how long can they stay in place?  Clearly then, much more economical than swapping a bulky band-aide every day.

I am thrilled that I came across this product. Their developers deserve credit for innovation and improvement in users’ quality of life. I almost gave up jogging, and re-became overweight, until I found these.

Kudos, kudos.

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